Mine Waste and Tailings Conference 2020

29 – 30 JULY 2020


Conference overview

The mining industry now accepts that the majority of the world’s future minerals will come from low-grade, high-tonnage, ultra-mechanised operations. As a result, a higher production of waste rock and tailings is expected over the course of the 21st century. Mining systems will require re-engineering, based on the paradigm shift that mining business success is fundamentally dependent upon waste management. As sustainable development principles are increasingly applied by mining companies in the wider world, this event will cover all aspects of life cycle waste rock and tailings management, from site selection and design to post-closure care. As a lead into the conference there will be a selection of workshops and the two-day conference will feature renowned keynote speakers, four expert panel discussions covering key current themes, and paper presentations.

The three-day conference will be built around the following 12 themes

  • stability of tailings dams and tailings run out
  • tailings dewatering
  • co-disposal of tailings and coarse wastes
  • mine waste geotechnics
  • tailings water balance and management
  • operational aspects and case histories of mine waste storage

  • selection of tailings storage
  • governance and management of tailings
  • emerging technologies, regulation of mine waste facilities
  • mine waste facility closure case histories and costs
  • mine waste facility liner and cover systems, and mine waste geotechnics
  • geochemistry and biology

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